Indiana Dunes Birding Festival

The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival is an annual event hosted by the Indiana Audubon Society that showcases the abundance of migratory birds in the Indiana Dunes.

Birding in the Indiana Dunes is the best the state has to offer. With its rich biodiversity, varying habitats and miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, the Indiana Dunes is a hotspot for migrant  birds. The annual Indiana Dunes Birding Festival is held to celebrate the dunes area’s various birding habitats and bird watching opportunities to create a positive impact on the economic, conservation, and environmental education for visitors and residents to the Indiana Dunes region.

The 2021 Indiana Dunes Birding Festival is being planned as a hybrid (both in person and virtual trips and programs) festival.   

Indiana Audubon Statement of Inclusivity, Equity and Diversity

Please consider viewing the following promotional video (provided by Indiana Dunes Tourism) that highlights some of the best aspects of birding in the Indiana Dunes. 

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