2021 Festival Virtual Presentations

Thank you for attending this year's Indiana Dunes Birding Festival. Whether you attended in person or virtually, please find each of our virtual programs and livestreams below.  

Mark your calendars for next year's festival, May 12-15, 2022!




Dunes Big Morning LIVE with Matt Igleski

Rainforest Birds LIVE with Lifer Nature Tours

Headliner: Amazing Birding in the Indiana Dunes- Ken Brock

Survival By Degrees: 389 Species on the Brink (recording not available)

How Monty & Rose Took Chicago By Storm: A Piping Plover Story

The Challenges of Kakapo Conservation

Just One Visit is Not Enough (recording not available)

Dunes Night Birding LIVE



Dunes Big Morning LIVE with the Lindseys

Birds & Blooms of the Heron Rookery LIVE with the Namestniks

Costa Rica's Rancho Naturalista LIVE with Lifer Nature Tours

Headliner: Birds Don't Know They're Special- Hannah & Erik Go Birding

Duneland Herpetology: Peculiar Species in a Peculiar Landscape

Purple Martins of Minnesota

A Rare Peek at Rails of the Midwest

The Birds (& Animals) From Down Under

Birds & Brews: Bird Calling Competition 



Dunes Big Morning LIVE with Matt Igleski

Cloudforest Hummingbirds of Costa Rica LIVE with Lifer Nature Tours

Headliner: Birding By Bus, Where Van Life Meets Birding- Eliana Ardila Kramer and Marc Kramer

Hawkwatching ID Workshop

The Blue in Birds

When Bird Guides Get in Trouble: 8 Yeas of Adventures with Lifer Nature Tours

A Young Birder Visits Sax-Zim Bog in Winter

Keynote: A World of Wings, Migratory Birds on a Changing Planet- Scott Weidensaul*

*All virtual participants were sent a separate link to access this talk


Arenal Volcano Birding LIVE with Lifer Nature Tours

Headliner: 3 Billion Birds Lost, A Biodiversity Crisis- Adriaan Michael Dokter

Learning to Bird By Ear

Hummingbirds of the Desert Southwest

Morning Flight Madness, The Dunes Longshore Project

Exploring eBird to the Fullest


For other random live-streamed videos during the festival, please see the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival Facebook page. If you have any questions, please reach out to Sam Warren at swarren@indianaaudubon.org